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Beech Valley Solutions connects organizations with top-tier accounting, finance, and IT talent on demand. Our clients vary widely (start-ups to multinational firms) but share the same challenge: finding talented accountants and consultants to help them deliver high-quality service that their clients expect and their projects demand, often with short notice. We offer the flexibility to fill roles temporarily and affordably, without the burden of retaining these individuals ‘in house’ year-round. Our tech-enabled platform of freelancers means you can instantly find and connect with professionals with extensive public accounting and industry experience. Firms that work with us increase: ‣ Margins and top-line revenue ‣ Client satisfaction ‣ Employee retention The Beech Valley vetting process includes in-depth interviews and a data-based proprietary pre-hire testing methodology. These procedures ensure that you’ll be connected with top-tier accounting professionals. We speak the language of the accounting industry, and this understanding ensures you are paired with the absolute best consultants to flex up your team on a project-by-project basis.

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