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By February 28, 2023 VA Tips

The boom in global remote work in recent years has sparked further growth in the Philippines’ freelancing sector. An estimated 1.5 million Filipinos are now engaged in fully remote or online work.

Philippines freelancers have continued moving forward in filling positions in numerous industries and sectors abroad, with no signs of abating. Filipino and Filipina freelancer jobs continue to grow in scale and availability, with many in the university already joining the global remote work revolution. If you’re interested in learning more about Filipino freelancer jobs this year, as you plan to join the ranks of millions of Philippines freelancers, this blog is for you.


What Type of Work Are Filipina Freelancer Jobs?

Most Filipino freelancer jobs are classified under remote work or outside of a traditional office setting. In the Philippines, adults usually finish their education to fill conventional employment roles in the corporate setting. Filipinos prepare to work in the office, in companies, and in other institutions that would require them to travel or commute daily. Filipino freelancer jobs, being a type of employment that is location-independent, do away with the daily drive or commute.

Philippines freelancers can now work from anywhere, not just in an office, thanks to the rise of the “telecommute.” It is predicated on the idea that a physical location is unnecessary to complete a task.

It’s easy to see how Philippines freelancers can be more productive and save time and energy compared to their in-office counterparts by working from home. Individuals can arrange their schedules as they see fit, allowing them to enjoy the best of both their personal and professional lives without sacrificing one for the other.

With the shift in the cultural paradigm of what constitutes an appropriate workplace, telecommuting has flourished, and Philippines freelancers are all the better.

The options for telecommuting are numerous. The beauty of remote work for Philippines freelancers is that employees can structure their workdays however they see fit.

Some remote workers, for instance, can work from home most of the week but the trek to the office for in-person meetings once a week. These workers spend most of their time at home or in a nearby coffee shop, but they also have access to the company’s main office when needed.

Some Philippines freelancers get their work done in coworking spaces.

The best part about working in a coworking space is connecting with people from various fields and making new professional connections. Anyone with a regular job, a freelance career, or an entrepreneurial spirit looking for a private office for themselves or a small team can take advantage of these services.

To some extent, coworking spaces can be considered a hybrid between a nontraditional workspace and a traditional office, providing the convenience of working remotely and access to the same kinds of professional resources and opportunities as a traditional office. In addition, remote workers can take advantage of location freedom by working from a coworking space in their city or joining coworking collectives.

Many cities in the Philippines already have coworking spaces that freelancers can use if they wish to work in a separate space away from home or if they love seeing other people while working.

In the province of Pampanga, one of the hubs for remote work in the Philippines, there are coworking spaces in cities like San Fernando and Angeles City. Coworking spaces accommodate not just those with Filipina freelancer jobs but also expats who may have chosen to stay in the Philippines for the meantime.


What Are the Top Filipina Freelancer Jobs This Year?

Virtual Assistant

“Virtual assistant” refers to Philippines freelancers who work remotely to assist clients with administrative tasks. Although Philippines freelancers work from home, virtual assistants have access to all the necessary tools for planning, including shared calendars. Virtual assistant roles are super popular Filipina freelancer jobs.

Virtual assistants typically have worked in administrative support or office management for several years before being hired.

Experts in social media, content management, blog post writing, graphic design, and internet marketing can now find work as virtual assistants. Since more companies and employees are open to the idea of remote work, it stands to reason that the need for competent virtual assistants will increase.

A professional virtual assistant who invests in herself through learning, training, and other upskilling efforts will always have work in the remote work industry. The “boom” in remote work will not go away soon, even with companies asking their employees to be onsite 100% of the time. The reaction to these changes in policy has only shown that people are working towards becoming better at balancing their work and family lives.



One of the most practical Filipina freelancer jobs is copywriting. Freelance copywriters create polished content such as articles, books, emails, promotional copy,  newsletters, etc.


Web Designer

Web developers work with customers to build custom websites. Therefore, updating preexisting sites may also fall under a web designer’s purview.

Anyone who can conceptualize and implement innovative solutions for websites is a prime candidate for employment in this sector. In addition, you may need to become fluent in specific programming languages like SQL, Python, or JavaScript and adept at related software programs to handle various project types.



To ensure that written texts adhere to established standards, editors review and revise them. They ensure the facts are correct and check grammar, punctuation, flow, and style. Producing high-quality content relies heavily on editorial processes. It’s possible to find Filipina freelancer jobs in this area if you have a good eye for spotting typos and other errors.


Web Developer

Web developers are highly trained computer programmers who craft the code that controls how websites work. Freelancers with experience in either front-end or back-end web development, or preferably both, have the best odds of finding work (full-stack development).

Regarding building websites, there are two main camps of experts: front-end developers, who focus on the parts that users see, and back-end developers, who handle the parts that users don’t.


Digital Marketing Consultant

Working as a digital marketing consultant, your primary responsibility as a digital marketer will be to help businesses increase their sales through increased online exposure and lead generation efforts. This is one of the Filipina freelancer jobs online that pays well but requires specific skills to pull off properly.  

SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and media buying are all great ways to accomplish these goals. In addition, customers can use your knowledge to address their unique issues with digital marketing and sales.


Social Media Manager

For many companies, advertising products and services on social media can be a highly profitable way to reach their intended consumers. Managers of social media channels aid businesses in developing and executing marketing plans that boost brand awareness and generate leads.

If you’re looking for Filipina freelancer jobs that offer the flexibility to work with multiple brands simultaneously, social media management roles are for you. Customers will usually count on you to guide content creation and audience targeting, so you must show that you’re adept at using various social media platforms.


Media Buyer

Media buyers work with companies to determine where their advertisements will be shown and at what cost to best reach their target audience. Broadcast, print, online, and other media could all be used to display advertisements.

A media buyer’s duties can expand to include overseeing ad campaigns on social media platforms if requested by the client. Media buyers’ ability to negotiate better rates is used by businesses of all sizes, from the very large to the very small, to cut the price of their advertisements.



Videography entails recording activities and refining the final product for optimal viewing quality. Therefore, the ability to both shoot and edit videos is crucial for working in this industry.

Efficient and accurate work can be accomplished as a lone freelancer or by working with other experts. Weddings, business conventions, and social gatherings are just a few examples of events that call for the expertise of videographers.



The work of a professional photographer is in high demand because of the need for striking visuals to convey ideas and emotions for businesses and individuals alike. Making money by taking pictures of things, people, and places is possible if you work as a freelance photographer. If you can take pictures that tell a compelling story, your clients will pay top dollar.


Data Analyst

If you’re interested in becoming a freelance data analyst, you can assist clients in analyzing specific data sets related to past transactions or events.

By identifying essential patterns in customer behavior or other facets of the business, you’ll help management make more educated decisions in their day-to-day activities. Data analysts are relied upon by companies of varying sizes to make more accurate forecasts of future trends. It is your job to use the massive amounts of data generated by various operational sources.


Business Consultant

A business consultant advises clients and helps them learn about various aspects of running a business. The expert is often instrumental in resolving intricate issues that arise in business.

Many businesses turn to consultants for help because they need advice on increasing productivity or profits. This is one of the best Filipina freelancer jobs if you have PR, finance, or HR expertise.



An accountant is a professional who keeps financial records and may also provide insight into those records. The expert’s work is crucial to ensure reliable financial reporting and compliance with applicable tax laws.

Companies rely on accountants to compile and present accurate financial data to make sound business decisions.

Profit and loss can be better analyzed with the help of organized records. You may also analyze budgets, work audits, prepare invoices, and determine payroll needs.



Whether or not you have a degree in education, thousands of online teaching Filipina freelancer jobs are waiting for you right now.

So long as you do, that’s great. You should have no trouble finding a teaching job you like because there is a severe shortage of educators worldwide.

Many paths are open to you even if you don’t have a degree in education. For example, jobs teaching English to speakers of other languages (ESL) are in high demand, and you don’t need a degree to get started. The only two requirements are the ability to communicate effectively in English and familiarity with modern technology.

Online tutoring is viable if you firmly grasp a specific academic field such as mathematics, science, history, or another. Even though online tutoring typically doesn’t necessitate exceptional credentials, some organizations may require you to undergo a screening process before letting you work with their student clients. Therefore, to take tutoring seriously, you can earn different credentials.


Freelance Writer

When finding freelance writing gigs, the internet is a veritable goldmine. Those with skills in technology, marketing, cryptocurrency/blockchain, or sales will never lack freelance work opportunities if they are reasonable, quick, and reliable.

Of course, you can still succeed even if you lack specific abilities. For example, if you thirst for knowledge and can master Google, you will succeed.

Getting started as a freelance writer without investing in expensive technology is probably the most significant perk of this line of work. Work can be created and submitted using Microsoft Word or G-Suite from the comfort of home or while traveling the globe.

Although the best pay is in medicine or technology, blogging, and website copy can provide a comfortable living.


App Development

Companies invest a lot of money in creating bespoke apps for their clients and staff. As a result, app developers are among the highest-paid freelancers, with top earners reaching six figures.

An independent career as an app developer could be the best option for someone with a genuine interest in the field. There is a high demand for people who can develop for iOS and Android, and as your expertise grows, so will your salary.

You’ll need an impressive portfolio, a wealth of original concepts, and a resume highlighting your qualifications and experience. Don’t be bashful about flaunting your accomplishments; let your results do the talking. You’ll likely need to start out doing a lot of low-paying jobs. However, every success enables you to add to your repertoire, making future successes easier.


Content Creator

In today’s media-driven society, content is everything. However, not every business has the human resources or resources to produce all the required content.

Working with companies, you’ll develop content for their online channels that centers on their products, services, or employees. Assume that all content is commercial. For example, this could be a product demonstration or a discussion of a topic of interest, such as a restaurant, a vacation spot, or a video game.

Content creators need technical chops in photography, videography, editing, scriptwriting, and production.

Freelance creators are in high demand as businesses look for writers who can help them spread their message.

Experience with Adobe Premier Final Cut Pro, Canva, live streaming, and YouTube Studio are all helpful, and you should be able to work solo and in a group setting.

Fill in your knowledge gaps with a course or two, or enroll in a boot camp for a more intensive learning environment.

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