Emphatic.co is an automated social media posting software that has a team of U.S.-based writers and editors that write and curate social media posts for users based on a strategy they fill out.

As a freelance social media writer for Emphatic you’ll be responsible for:
➡️ Researching and curating articles for users based on a strategy that meets their needs & ideal target market.
➡️ Writing engaging social media copy for LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter that will position Emphatic users as an authority leader in their field(s).
➡️ Working as a team with the Emphatic editing staff to ensure all posts are FLAWLESS before sending them through to the user.
➡️ Meeting writing deadlines when picking up or asking for work to be assigned to you.

You’ll be a GREAT fit for the team if you have the following qualities:
➡️ Great Time Management – no one is forcing you to work, so completing assignments on time is completely up to you.
➡️ Prior Writing Experience – writing is a key part of working for Emphatic, so if you have at least 1 year of past writing experience then you’ll fit in. Someone who has a background working with social media brands and has an understanding of social media trends/topics is also preferred.
➡️ Attention to Detail – clients will be reviewing and posting these social media posts to their profiles, so we are representing them, which means we cannot be sending posts that are riddled with errors and all posts should be proofread prior to submitting them.
➡️ Ability to Take Constructive Criticism – editors will be reviewing your posts and sometimes you’ll have to make corrections (either from an editor or a client) and it can be tough to feel like your work isn’t good enough, but that isn’t the case. Everyone makes mistakes and if you can take feedback and apply it to future work, then you’ll be a great fit.
➡️ Teamwork – writers and editors are on the same team at Emphatic, so if you work together you can be more productive and deliver the best work for clients.

For the tools needed, the only tool you’d need is Google News search to locate content. For everything else like the Emphatic software, training will be provided.

For interested applicants, please fill out the Google form: https://forms.gle/hXxV3HyJFXXeE5BYA

Job Overview
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