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By January 8, 2023 VA Tips

Are you looking to become a part of the global workforce of Clark Freeport virtual assistants Philippines?

Becoming a professional VA and joining the throngs of Clark Freeport virtual assistant Philippines serving global businesses can be the wisest and most financially rewarding career moves you can make.

Suppose you come from a corporate or BPO work background, and you’ve handled tasks and areas like customer care, marketing, digital marketing, etc. In that case, you’re a perfect fit for the global freelancing/remote work industry. We say global because, in this industry, there are no physical or digital barriers to getting well-paying projects or work. All you truly need are the following:

  1. The desire to become a part of the growing number of Clark Freeport virtual assistants Philippines.
  2. The idea of committing to starting your own small business.
  3. The desire to develop better communication and organizational skills.


You Already Have What It Takes to Join Clark Freeport Virtual Assistants Philippines


All Filipino virtual assistants, and not just Clark Freeport virtual assistants in the Philippines, have the potential to become successful as VAs this year and beyond.

So, whether you’re from Davao City, Cebu City, Mandaue, Laguna, Bulacan, Metro Manila, or anywhere else in the Philippines, you can pursue a more financially free life by getting better-paying work.

The top advantage of becoming a freelance professional in the Philippines if you don’t have to work overtime for little or no pay anymore.

You will work flexible hours, create an independent work schedule, and determine which clients to work with and what projects to accept. Ultimately, you are the boss, but you are responsible for caring for everything that has to do with work.

Finally, Ready Na Magpabudol

“Nagpapabudol” entered the Pinoy imagination because of apps like Lazada or Shopee. Because people can now indulge in basically anything they want by ordering online, a person who got “budol” means they went shopping online and probably overspent (a little!)

While Amazon has been rocking it out in North America far longer, online shopping is relatively young in the Philippines. However, Pinoys love shopping, like anyone else.


The problem, however, is that income from regular work as an employee in the Philippines is often insufficient for daily needs and monthly bills.


How can you solve this?

Easy: by becoming an SEO virtual assistant at Clark Special Economic Zone. Suppose you live in Pampanga and the surrounding areas. In that case, you can apply to any companies that offer similar opportunities, or you can become independent as a freelance virtual assistant.


How much can an SEO virtual assistant Clark Special Economic Zone earn in one month?


The figures vary, but the ballpark figure for someone who regularly works as a VA in the Philippines is about $600 or 33,000PHP, as of this writing.

Of course, you can earn a little less or more, depending on the specifics of your contracts as an SEO virtual assistant or as an admin assistant in general. We can say that this figure is something you can work towards with some effort and learning. It is not impossible to exceed $600/month at all.

Once you’re hired and land many clients and recurring projects, you can finally say that you’re ready for online shopping – at handa ka na talagang magpabudol!


What Does an SEO Virtual Assistant Clark Special Economic Zone Do?


Are you Internet-savvy and passionate about all things related to search and search engine optimization? Do you already have a background in keyword research, competitor research, and making sense of what customers might need when browsing content on the internet? If you said yes or even “maybe” to any of these questions, you might already be a good candidate for an SEO virtual assistant Clark Special Economic Zone.

For an SEO virtual assistant Clark Special Economic Zone to do their jobs well, they’ll need in-depth knowledge of how a search engine functions.

They must be able to articulate complex ideas to customers and possess strong analytical abilities to spot patterns and trends. Since seemingly insignificant tweaks can significantly affect a website’s position, paying close attention to minor details is essential.

An SEO virtual assistant needs not only soft skills but also some level of professional training and experience. SEO is next to impossible without prior knowledge of the different points a business needs to optimize.

As you gain new skills in search engine optimization, you can gradually offer a long list of services. Below are just some of the tasks that you can do to help a business looking to hire an SEO virtual assistant Clark Special Economic Zone:

  •       Creating target market personas
  •       Market segmentation and buyer persona development
  •       Bolstering an existing keyword list
  •       Initial keyword research
  •       Narrowing a keyword list
  •       Making a publication schedule on a blog
  •       Use Google Trends to discover fresh material and topics
  •       Produce interesting blog topics
  •       Suggesting alternative mediums for specific content types
  •       Content repurposing projects
  •       Outreach services
  •       Influencer research
  •       Link analysis
  •       Reporting spam
  •       Managing an email list


What Are the Requirements of Clark Philippines Marketing VA Jobs?


If you’re interested in striking it out as an independent remote worker, you can try Clark Philippines marketing VA jobs. Marketing VA jobs are location-independent roles.

Location independence means you no longer need to commute or drive to the office. You will have a special arrangement with your client regarding how you can bill or count your hours for compensation.

Businesses looking to hire for Clark Philippines marketing VA jobs often designate marketing VAs as entry-level digital marketers who provide support to either an existing team or the business owner.

You may be asked to write content for social media channels, post content on different digital marketing channels, conduct competitor or keyword research, maintain an existing database, and perform other administrative tasks.

Professionals hired for Clark Philippines marketing VA jobs often report to the company’s digital marketing manager and perform myriad tasks related to marketing literature, database maintenance, and competitor/marketing research. Other tasks include:

  •   Helping the marketing manager and team stay on track with their projects.
  •   Taking care of tasks related to PPC and SEO.
  •   Researching the market and analyzing survey data is crucial to any successful marketing campaign.
  •   Managing analytics for online marketing and social media work.
  •   Working with vital lists, documents, and other business records.
  •   Work on promotional presentations and events.
  •   Writing and publishing content for the company’s website and social media channels.
  •   Creating articles, press releases, and brochures.
  •   Developing solid bonds with clients.


How to Get VA Jobs in Clark?


Getting VA jobs in Clark is not impossible, regardless of your background. If you studied education or nursing back in college, that matters very little in the grand scheme. The stuff you learned in school, all those skills will come together as you help a business with its day-to-day needs. If you’re serious about getting high-paying VA jobs in Clark, consider the following:



Writing skills are an absolute must for any virtual assistant. However, most people connect this ability with quick typing. On the other hand, formatting text and input data are also part of word processing. Check out the Study Crumb website to see examples of properly formatted and well-written communication. Furthermore, virtual assistants have access to grammar checkers like Grammarly to ensure their work is free of grammatical errors and typos.

While learning to type quickly is a great skill, it may not be worth it if your text is littered with errors. Because assistants can get their work done with little oversight or proofreading, finding the optimal balance  between well-organized writing, accuracy, and speed is beneficial.


Effective Communication Skills

Businesses relying on virtual assistants must have complete confidence in the data provided by each assistant. Most of the time, businesses and virtual assistants communicate via email or messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype,  or Slack.

A VA’s ability to communicate things about their skills, abilities, daily progress and task issues is highly valued by all employers. No employer would want to hire or work with someone who is uncommunicative or lacks the foundational communication skills to make remote work possible. Therefore, you must learn how always to communicate well. Improve your verbal and written English skills as much as possible, too.


Time Management

Prioritizing tasks, setting achievable goals, and keeping to deadlines contribute to efficient time management. Having to juggle multiple tasks under the pressure of time constraints is a skill essential to virtual assistants.

Time management is also critical for working under pressure, as it allows one to anticipate potential problems and make adequate preparations in advance. In addition, virtual assistants frequently work under pressure and juggle several tasks at once, so the ability to prioritize and plan one’s work is essential.


Quick Thinking and Decision-Making

When an employer isn’t immediately available to answer questions, a VA or VA team must be able to think quickly on their feet and make sound decisions. Admittedly, every new virtual assistant comes with a slight learning curve. However, it would be ideal for any business to have a virtual assistant with the knowledge and confidence to investigate solutions without waiting for the client to respond.

A virtual assistant’s ability to set priorities under pressure is crucial. If for some reason, you are unable to complete the item at the top of your list, such as because of a system outage, you may find that this is an ideal time to get some routine administrative tasks done. Taking the initiative to do so quickly could be the difference between a good VA and a great one.

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