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By November 7, 2022 VA Tips

Are you thinking to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines?

It was no surprise that more small business owners and companies looking to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines (or an entire team of them) in 2021, when health restrictions made digital operations even more essential.

Expanded online operations meant businesses that mainly relied on physical traffic to brick-and-mortar offices and establishments had to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines to optimize their websites, manage their customer care channels, and improve overall online interactions to maintain sales and profitability.

Filipino virtual assistants have long formed the backbone of businesses globally, from the United States to Europe. The average Filipino virtual assistant has attended university (or carries a Master’s degree or even Ph.D. in some instances), speaks English with a neutral accent, reads English very well, and is well-versed in their area of virtual assistance.

Note that a Filipino virtual assistant can have multiple skill sets. For example, they can be an SEO virtual assistant, an expert in administrative work, a medical scribe, a veterinary clinic digital receptionist, and so on. Filipino virtual assistant skill sets vary, but some have experience across different industries, making them versatile and even more helpful for the growth of businesses.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines?

They Are Professional and Dependable

Businesses of all sizes looked to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines at the height of COVID. Filipino virtual assistants answered the call, taking on complex workflows despite continental time differences. Businesses that have only begun operations trimmed fat and cut costs while maintaining quality service and customer communications with the help of virtual assistant Filipino workers.

Virtual assistant Filipino workers are known for being relatively easy to deploy. They do not require micro-management or intense scrutiny and are naturally communicative. As adaptable remote global workers, they strive to learn and grow along with their employers and are always keen to expand their skill sets to remain competitive. A sense of continual self-improvement follows the independent Filipino remote worker in their quest for business excellence.

Filipino Virtual Assistants Are Trusted Globally

Business process outsourcing grew by over 10% in 2021. Filipino virtual assistant companies and independent remote workers responded to the global client demand for multiple service types, including content writing, WordPress management, IT, customer care, virtual medical assistance, fintech services, and eCommerce. There is virtually no industry that a Filipino virtual assistant cannot serve. The national growth in this sector proves that the Philippines remains a top region for business process outsourcing. BPO and virtual assistance are mature sectors. The young, educated population continues to thrive in the blizzard of tech evolutions that defined digital marketing’s growth in the past ten years.

They Have Diversified Skills

Filipino virtual assistants do not sing a single note—they are among the most diversified VAs in the world. Many also have extensive experience in the corporate setting. Some worked in corporate for years before switching to high gear and establishing a professional and independent VA practice.

They do so because they enjoy income flexibility, the many opportunities for professional growth, and more time for family and other activities.

While virtual assistants from the Philippines do not necessarily work less than their ‘regular employee’ counterparts working in offices, they certainly have more freedom regarding how many hours they work weekly.

A sense of freedom and creativity in work follows the unchaining from corporate life. Since they have more time for other activities, upskilling and perhaps taking some practical courses become options. All these experiences contribute to the longevity of these remote workers, and ultimately, they become better and more dependable at what they do because of their improved working conditions.

The Filipino Difference

While some VAs try looking for work through Filipino virtual assistant companies, many eventually strike out on their own, finding long-term contracts that they take care of for years. Filipino VAs are well-known for their ability to care for projects for the long haul. As a result, they are perfect for businesses that value employees and grow alongside their staff.

Filipinos are naturally family-centered. It is in their DNA. So don’t be surprised if they say after a while that ‘you are like family because they mean it.

The cultural difference does not affect their dependability. On the contrary, this means your business is in even better hands because they care for the work on a much more personal level. What many perceive as something beyond professional life is the indomitable strength of tireless Filipino virtual assistants.

Does Your Business Need Filipino Virtual Assistants?

If you agree with at least one of these criteria, it may be an excellent time to start looking for a Filipino virtual assistant today.

You Can’t Handle Everything

Here’s a secret if you’re drowning in work: each day has twenty-four hours. Your output and contributions will reflect how you allocate your time and energy. There will always be times when more needs to get. But the clock is ticking. Eventually, you burn out when you approach the 24-hour market.

Such moments should be seasonal. Something is wrong if they happen daily, for weeks, or months. Your business is becoming too much to handle. You can’t achieve your goals if you’re preoccupied with maintaining equilibrium. Therefore, it’s time to get the help that you need.

Administrative Tasks Are Piling Up

Not all successful leaders or business owners must master business management or organization. The roles of a leader and an administrator are often at odds with one another. A leader’s actions are driven by a sense of possibility and the future. The administrator adheres to established protocols and makes do with the resources. Both traits are essential for maintaining stability, but they rarely coexist in a single individual. You need a virtual assistant if administrative tasks such as transcription, scheduling, email, and invoicing.

You Want to Be More Productive While Reducing Stress

It’s not about how much you get done but how well you get the right things done. Adding more work to an already full day can be disastrous if the work is unnecessary or unimportant. And a good number of them do.

Doing more typically won’t help. It would help if you had more structured time to devote to the activities that matter most and will bring the greatest return. No matter how hard you try, the feeling of being stuck in a rut significantly contributes to stress. There’s only one option, and that’s to halt. Give those things to others to work on while you focus on your progress.

You Badly Need Help, But Hiring a Full-Time Employee Is Too Expensive

In business, personnel shortages are always a concern. Businesses of all sizes can hesitate to hire for full-time positions because of slow sales or poor projections. However, there’s always work to be done, and not getting those roles filled somehow can be even more devastating to your business.

This is where a virtual assistant can be a big help. The time you hire a virtual assistant is measured in increments. So you won’t be burdened with extras. For example, if you only need someone’s services for 15 hours a week, there’s no point in paying them 40.

The work of a team of Filipino virtual assistants can be easily scaled up or down to match fluctuations in workload and revenue. However, this is not the case with regular employees, who represent a constant outlay of resources regardless of the company’s income.

You’re Not a Human Resources Expert

It’s always a gamble to hire new employees. Time is needed, and there isn’t much of that right now. In today’s increasingly litigious society, firing an employee who turns out to be a bad hire is more complex than ever. And if you’re looking for someone to sit in your office all day, you can only consider applicants in a small radius around your business. Whether or not you can afford to relocate the person and the skills you need to depend on whether they are open to the idea.

With a Filipino virtual assistant, you can rest assured that applicants who send their resumes have experience in the field. They have prior knowledge and experience with the tools you employ. And if the personalities don’t mesh well, you can quickly try out someone else. This isn’t the case for a full-time employee.


Businesses looking to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines can expect a most favorable time while growing and scaling their businesses.

Filipino virtual assistants are professional, experienced, and well-versed in the language of digital marketing and eCommerce. Some also have extensive experience in healthcare VA work and other industry verticals. Many have worked as VAs for years, and you might be surprised how much insight they carry to work.

Hiring a Philippine VA can save you time, reduce stress, and empty that to-do list (finally). It’s time to grow your business the smart way with virtual assistants. That time is now. 

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