top money making side hustles for filipinos in 2023
By January 4, 2023 VA Tips

If there’s one thing Filipinos are known for, it’s side hustles. Side hustles/sidelines or “racket” in the Philippines is a vast preoccupation, right next to noontime shows, YouTube and Facebook. So if you don’t want to spend all your time just scrolling online content and want more income for your spare time during the weekend or even during weekdays, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will give you some ideas to make money from extra time. Some of the racket or side hustles here can become your full-time preoccupation!


Online Selling

Filipinos knew how online selling worked even before the term was coined. It’s no different from what many Pinoys were already doing decades ago: selling goods after work or during their free time to augment income and make things more comfortable for the family.

During the pandemic, many individuals and families learned online selling to cushion themselves from the terrible conditions during the lockdown. But even before that, many were already reaping the benefits of online platforms like Shopee and Lazada.

But the big question is, what can you sell online to generate consistent income? Below are some general ideas:

  •   Fitness equipment and tools
  •   Appliances
  •   Skincare products
  •   Shoes
  •   Console and PC games
  •   Gaming consoles used laptops and personal computers
  •   Android and Apple phones (used, refurbished, or brand new)
  •   Fitness apparel
  •   Toys
  •   Home improvement gadgets, tools, equipment, and supplies
  •   Home office equipment, tools, and supplies
  •   Mobile video and photo tools
  •   Coffee
  •   Jewelry

There are many ways to get into online selling in the Philippines. Some just market their goods on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Other online sellers use more convenient platforms like Lazada, Shopee, or Carousel.

But if you’re aiming big and don’t want to pay middleman fees anymore, consider creating a dedicated website using WooCommerce on WordPress or Shopify instead.

These platforms may be a little more complex than Lazada, but at least you have better control of all aspects of your online presence.

This applies to online selling attempts that involve more premium goods. It’s best to control your branding better if you want to sell more expensive goods. Many eCommerce platforms offer a secure channel and payment services to handle local and global clients (if you plan to sell globally).


Freelancing Opportunities

To freelance is to work independently by providing a service to others. For example, working on a contract means, for the most part, that you won’t have to show up to an office every day at the same time. The term “freelancer” is used to describe those who work independently. Independent contractors, also known as freelancers, work for multiple clients simultaneously.

To ensure that their freelancers are being adequately billed and their time is being managed effectively, some businesses keep tabs on them using freelance time tracking and invoicing tools.

While freelancing can take many forms, becoming a virtual assistant is the easiest way to break into the global remote work industry.

Many professionals from the corporate world find that they have more control of their income and time when they become virtual assistants. While the term “assistant” can have negative connotations in the Philippines because an assistant is often paid poorly and barely recognized in the office, the true meaning of virtual assistant is completely different abroad.

A virtual assistant is a professional contractor who takes on specific tasks, accomplished within fixed or flexible timeframes, for various clients. There are as many kinds of virtual assistants as there are businesses, markets, and industries. If you don’t know where to start, here are just a few of the kinds of virtual assistant roles and what they do:


Executive Virtual Assistant

An executive virtual assistant offloads many administrative tasks from your plate, which makes it possible for you to work on more important things. Executive virtual assistants are often organized and efficient and are also typically qualified for more specific roles as they come with college or university degrees.


Appointment Setter Virtual Assistant

An appointment setter virtual assistant bridges the sales team and the customer. They’re equipped with scripts to lead customers to speak to the sales team, learn more about products and services, and generate sales. Persuasive and natural speakers often make influential appointment setters.


Customer Service Virtual Assistant

A customer service virtual assistant provides customer support through one or more channels. For example, they can communicate and provide support through social media platforms like Twitter, Google Business, or Facebook. They can also chat live with a customer once a customer lands on a website. Customer service virtual assistants can also use older tech like phone calls and email to communicate with customers.


Data Entry Virtual Assistant

A data entry virtual assistant is tasked with compiling information on behalf of the client. This VA ensures accurate data transfers and performs audits or checks to ensure data viability. Accuracy is the game’s name, and if a client hires you for a data entry VA job, expect to work with spreadsheets and other logs pertinent to your client’s activity or business. A job is certainly suitable for someone with a keen eye for detail and a sharp memory!


Finance and Accounting Virtual Assistant

A finance and accounting virtual assistant or bookkeeping assistant often operates software like Intuit QuickBooks to help maintain clean sales and overhead expenses records.

Bookkeeping virtual assistants are hired not just because they help maintain budgets monthly, but they’re also essential for keeping business expenses recorded and organized for taxation purposes.

Tax season is always busy, and messy sales records are a nightmare for business owners everywhere. Therefore, American businesses and businesses all over the world hire finance and accounting virtual assistants to keep the digital accounting department organized and up to date.


Real Estate Virtual Assistant

A realtor or real estate agent is often a one-person (or one-woman) show, but that doesn’t have to be the case if they hire a real estate virtual assistant. A real estate virtual assistant takes care of administrative duties like email, appointment setting, scheduling, and maybe even the website and social media channels to round up all the loose ends.

Expect clients to want you to be a good talker (and writer) because you will likely write quite a few responses to potential property buyers while working as a virtual real estate assistant. 

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