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By January 11, 2024 VA Tips

For years, email marketing platforms have served as a pivotal communication medium, progressively evolving into a primary channel for interaction. Society has ingrained the habit of responding to emails, be it through replies, forwarding, clicking embedded links, deletion, making purchases, or signing up. Recognizing this ingrained behavior, leveraging email marketing platforms becomes a potent strategy to direct individuals to your website, prompt phone calls, or initiate various desired actions.

Notably, last year, more than 25 percent of sales were directly attributed to the efficacy of email marketing, underscoring its influential role in driving engagement and building businesses on the Internet.



Email marketing platforms like AWeber simplifies the process of crafting visually appealing emails, prioritizing its focus on email marketing while offering an extensive array of integrations to connect with your marketing stack seamlessly. Even with the Free plan, users can create a single landing page and access over 600 email templates. Alternatively, the Smart Designer allows you to build templates by pulling content directly from your website URL.

Email marketing platforms like AWeber are supportive of startups and new businesses that do not have a big marketing budget yet.

AWeber is one of the email marketing platforms that boasts 24/7 live chat support, a feature available even with the free plan, and an international telephone help desk. A user-friendly drag-and-drop editor facilitates the quick creation of emails and landing pages within minutes. AWeber’s compatibility extends to over 750 integrations with third-party services, enhancing its versatility for diverse marketing needs.

Ease of use is a significant highlight of AWeber, making it an ideal choice for experienced or beginners. Navigating the platform is intuitive, with a clean and well-organized layout. A unique aspect is the upfront inquiry about your business goals before initiating actions.

Regarding templates, AWeber offers a diverse selection of over 600, categorized into 17 different groups. While they provide a solid foundation, some may find them relatively basic compared to other platforms. However, AWeber’s standout feature is the Smart Designer, allowing users to effortlessly create custom templates by automatically extracting content from existing web pages—a process that takes only seconds. Regarding usability and innovative design options, AWeber is a user-friendly and adaptable email marketing solution.


Get Response

Opting for GetResponse’s entry-level ‘Email Marketing’ plan is cost-effective, especially if you manage a substantial email database. The competitive starting price favors GetResponse, allowing you to host a database of up to 1,000 email addresses for $19 per month. GetResponse is one of the email marketing platforms that has a pocket-friendly monthly plan for those just starting out.

In comparison, AWeber charges $25 per month, and Campaign Monitor sets the entry point at $39 per month. Mailchimp’s ‘Standard’ plan, with similar features, comes in at $45 monthly for 1,000 contacts. As you ascend the pricing tiers, GetResponse consistently maintains its cost advantage over these competitors.

Beyond its affordability, email marketing platforms  like GetResponse offers a pervasive feature set even with its entry-level plan. While providing standard email marketing features such as list hosting, templates, autoresponders, and analytics, email marketing platforms like GetResponse has expanded its capabilities to evolve into an all-in-one marketing and e-commerce solution.

A standout feature of email marketing platforms like GetResponse lies in its autoresponder functionality, a compelling selling point for users on paid plans. The platform offers comprehensive autoresponder options beyond essential ‘drip’ style campaigns. The ‘Marketing Automation’ feature is particularly noteworthy, exclusively available on ‘Marketing Automation’ plans or higher. This functionality empowers users to create intricate automation workflows using a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.



Pabbly is used for creating and sending emails and forms and collecting leads for your business. Essentially, it is used for marketing that involves sending emails to customers’ direct inboxes. In addition, emails help you reach and create a personal relationship with clients.

However, customers are beginning to filter messages they get daily and sending some to their spam inboxes. That way, they won’t get to be bombarded with several messages at the same time. Email marketing platforms like Pabbly understands this and creates a solution that suits the seller, marketer, and consumer. The marketing platform allows the marketer to easily create simple and valuable forms or emails through drag-and-drop features. At the same time, the consumers get valuable emails they can’t ignore directly in their inboxes.

Aside from sending emails, you can track the progress with Pabbly in connection with Google Analytics. That means it monitors your email campaigns, collects necessary data, and tells you if your emails get enough engagement. Also, you get to know when the recipient opens your mail. If otherwise, you can make Pabbly send a follow-up email.

Another thing that email marketing platforms like Pabbly is most used for is list cleaning. To maintain your consumers’ and recipients’ trust, your email list must be clog-free and updated. Irrelevant data can hurt your email marketing and affect your overall sales. Email list cleaning is the process of removing inactive and inaccurate subscribers’ data from your email database. Cleaning your email ensures your IP’s security, stability, and reputation are intact. In other words, you avoid the risk of sending bulk emails that bounce or go directly to spam.



ActiveCampaign empowers users with advanced automation capabilities, allowing the creation of workflows driven by sophisticated triggers. From sending welcome emails to new subscribers to automatically dispatching emails when potential customers abandon their carts, the platform offers a spectrum of automation possibilities. Users can delve into nuanced workflows, incorporating conditional segmentation to tailor emails based on recipient interactions, such as email opens, link clicks, or previous purchases.

A distinctive feature of ActiveCampaign lies in its integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. While its CRM features may be considered lightweight compared to some market leaders, it is a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance lead nurturing as their contact lists grow. The CRM functionality enables users to establish a custom pipeline, create and assign tasks, set goals, forecast deals, and track progress. While particularly suitable for those heavily reliant on email marketing without an existing CRM, ActiveCampaign’s CRM functionality offers a solid foundation for efficient customer relationship management.



Established in 2010, Elastic Email has evolved into an email marketing and delivery platform, offering users the tools to craft, dispatch, and scrutinize their email marketing campaigns. A notable facet is its API integrations, facilitating connectivity with over 15 apps and websites. This integration empowers users to extract data and execute targeted automated email campaigns.

Elastic Email’s template editor, while featuring basic and essential elements, efficiently gets the job done. The user interface is straightforward, although the intuitiveness of options like tags and preview at the top might pose some challenges. While the customization options are somewhat limited, the platform provides 116 pre-made templates, even within its free plan.

The landing page builder mirrors the template builder, which can occasionally be confusing. Although the features are constrained, users can create landing pages even with a free plan, supported by 26 pre-made templates to kickstart their projects. The limitation in features is countered by the platform’s accessibility, ensuring users can initiate landing page creation without financial constraints.


Tailoring Your Email Marketing Platforms to Your Needs


Using a reliable email marketing platforms can amplify the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and facilitate the achievement of your objectives. The choice of the ideal email marketing platforms primarily hinges on your team’s distinct needs. A fundamental email marketing tool can aid you in creating, sending, and tracking emails. For those seeking more advanced features, consider exploring email marketing platforms that go beyond simple email distribution. Look for comprehensive solutions that enable you to design landing pages, set up web intake forms, and implement automation, thereby simplifying your tasks and enhancing overall efficiency.

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