how to optimize job board for SEO
By January 10, 2023 VA Tips

When you optimize job board for SEO, your job descriptions and listings can overtake your competitors’ listings for specific searches, and you can potentially attract more candidates in a shorter period. Furthermore, when you optimize job board for SEO, Google and other search engines pick up your listings more quickly, and you gain higher visibility on page one of Google SERPs.

Google prioritizes job results and dedicates a special accordion menu on top of SERPs for these listings.

Google includes a summarized snippet and a button that takes the searcher to the original page. Many top job results return to job boards, while others lead to company websites.

Most job listings are on job boards, however. That’s why you still need to learn how to optimize job board for SEO if you want to get results more quickly.


How Do You Optimize Job Board For SEO?

There are specific steps to optimize job board for SEO; many of these steps will already come naturally to someone with many years of experience in HR.

Hiring through digital job boards isn’t new, but not everyone is maximizing the potential of well-designed job boards to shorten the hiring process by finding the best talent fast if this is your first time to optimize job board for SEO, follow the steps below for some fast and effective job board SEO.


Job Listing SEO Requires Job Structured Data

Code snippets containing structured data help Google better understand online content and websites. Furthermore, job structured data can be displayed as rich results on Google search engine result pages.

If you’re already posting on our website, complete the form, and the system will take care of structured data properties for job listing SEO.

However, if you’re writing on a company website and building a page from scratch, you may have to learn some coding skills to get job listing SEO right.

Google has an entire manual for properly adding job structured data for job listing SEO, and the search engine even has rules on what they consider ideal job postings. Job listing SEO is serious business!

According to the search giant, job posting content should include the following structure data:

        type (JobPosting)












When filling out the location, be sure to add the following properties:

        type (Place)








Optimize Job Board Listings with Keywords

You can easily optimize job board listings by including search terms that people are already using to hunt for jobs. Then, add these keywords to the job title and job description. To learn what people are searching for when looking for work in your field, you can use free tools like Google’s Keyword Planner (which requires a log-in) and Google Trends.

It might also be helpful to ask your marketing department if they have access to tools like Moz or SEMRush to make the job board SEO easier. In addition, they use any of the available keyword tools on the market; they all use Google keyword data and crawl the web regularly.

After researching likely keywords and narrowing the field, strategically use these terms and phrases throughout the rest of the job posting’s content to enhance its job listing SEO. Understand that “keyword stuffing” is ineffective in job listing SEO. Use keywords as naturally as possible. Do not overdo it; rely on unique content to push the message across to suitable candidates.


Backlinks Also Help Optimize Job Board Postings

Job listings may have unique structured data, but ultimately, these are examples of online content, just like any other piece of content on the internet. Google engineers have been cracking down on formulaic content for a long time.

They want people to focus on creating relevant content, and they want people to leave the search engine stuff to them. By “relevant content,” they want insightful and informative content with the proper references.

If you have a company website with blogs or pages that can help candidates understand the role better, you can add that to your job posting’s main content as backlinks. Backlinks exist to inform people; the SEO value is secondary, but it never goes away.

For over a decade now, SEO experts have been studying whether DoFollow or NoFollow links are better for SEO. It turns out that Google doesn’t mind the difference a lot. So, it’s a good idea to ignore this facet and link away if the links help people find the proper role faster.


Optimize Job Board Listings with Unique Content

When you’re trying to optimize job listings, creating unique and compelling content that people will want to share is the most challenging part. All the major search engines prioritize providing a positive user experience by giving higher rankings to pages that contain information users are looking for.

92% of marketers say that creating content is effective. Fit this plan into your overall approach to optimizing job board listings and locating the best candidates. Avoiding clichés is also essential.

Unique content is about clearly communicating the job description and differentiating your company’s needs from others. You don’t want to send a grainy message on your job posting. What you truly want is to attract the most qualified applicants.

Videos are extremely popular with both website visitors and search engines. Jobseekers who watch a video about the company are more likely to apply for a position with you. Videos are a great addition to job board postings, career sites, and blog posts. Make job posting even more search engine optimized by including a video transcript. Do everything you can to make communication clear.


Optimize Job Listings by Asking People to Share Your Job Postings

The most popular results on a search engine are typically shared among many users across different platforms. This is an excellent strategy to optimize the job board for SEO. In addition, your staff and other HR professionals in the company should share open positions on social media.

If you can get people to visit your job listings immediately, you can prove to search engines like Google that they are relevant to people looking for the terms you’ve included in your job descriptions. The timeliness of the sharing activity and the number of hits that these shares generate all help optimize job listings

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